N 126 / NTL / Sandwich



late sleeper

for extra long seating group

end kitchen

toilet room

interior available in two color combinations

Standard equipment of the Niewiadow N126ntl, including costs for roadworthiness is:


GRP Superstructure / Polyester Sandwich Panels

Hot-dip galvanized windows.


AL-KO / Knott As under the car.

Shock absorber driving vehicle.

AL-KO / Knott Overrun brake.

Nose wheel.

4 - Corner steadies.

Angle support feet (4x) from P.V.C.

Crank for the corner steadies.

Spare wheel.

Spare wheel holder under the car.

Shock absorbers mounted under the car: 2x.

Installation of a Thetford Cassete Toilet in Toilet room

which also contains a Mirror and Washbasin.

3 Brake lights.

Hubcaps. (2x)

Step for entrance door.

Present in the car:

Spirit level.


Processed in bank cupboard or already present for you:

Inverter (220/230 Volt to 12 Volt) with earth leakage protection.

20 m. Camping cable.

Euro adapter cord, for when the car is at your door.

Processed in kitchen block:

Cramer 2-flame cooker, thermally protected.

Dometic Refrigerator, (60 l) with freezer compartment. (operating on: 12volt / 220/230 volts and Gas)

Sink, already equipped with a mixer tap, but working on cold water with 10 l water tank.


Double windows, of which the front and rear window can be hinged out.

Combi Rollo's for "front and rear window" are provided.

Kitchen window hinged out.


Every car that comes out of production for a customer is provided with a specially created one

CE CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY, so that it is approved for every EU country connected


Weight or loading weight increase and then also a "License plate" via RDW on the car:

In the event that you would like to opt for a weight gain

car and thus could take 240 kg in the car, then it becomes an additional price

from €. 265.00, which you must enter below!

For a weight increase to 1000 kg that is euro 365.00

License plate or license plate is always included on delivery of a car!

Purchase price All Inn is: €. 11.229,00


Technical data:



year of construction: 2021

number of sleeping places: 2

empty weight (Netherlands / other): 620 Kg / 620 Kg

loading capacity (Netherlands / other): 130 Kg / 230 Kg

total weight (Netherlands / other): 750 Kg / 850 Kg

length (interior / exterior): 305 cm / 450 cm

width (interior / exterior): 195 cm / 205 cm

height (interior / exterior): 181 cm / 255 cm


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