Mini- of / Famylicamp

The Xtrail Mountain mini / family camp. For adventurous travelers.

Perhaps the Xtrail Mountain minicamp / family camp is the ideal alternative to the trailer tent. Smaller than a caravan, more comfortable than a tent and multifunctional in use. By pulling almost any car and always ready for use. The loyal follower on a tour, the resting spot on the surf beach, or the ideal base camp for adventurous trekking. Use the Xtrail mini camp during the day to transport all your gear and at night as a comfortable bed not enough space? Attach your canoes, surfboards or a roof box to the roof rails. You can store the bicycles on the bicycle carrier that you mount on the drawbar. the Xtrail minicamp challenges you: no mountain is too high!


More about the Xtrail mini camp.

A proven galvanized Alko-Kober chassis forms the basis.

Standard equipped with a heavy nose wheel and two swivel supports. The walls and roof are made of 25mm sandwich panels, with a polyester top layer. This guarantees a light and strong construction that can take a beating and is virtually hail-resistant. Man and material can access the large back door. Each Xtral minicamp is equipped with two folding windows, with mosquito screens and blackout. For additional ventilation, a roof hatch is also mounted, also with fly screen and blackout curtain.


The sophisticated dimensions of the Xtrail mincamp offer the possibility for a comfortable bed of 200x125cm.

With an internal height of 140cm, you can also enjoy it during the day.

On the way, it is kind to your wallet. The compact construction and the beveled front contribute to low fuel consumption. Due to the external height of 190cm, you pay the lower rate at many toll booths or on the ferry.

with a maximum weight of 750kg, almost any car can tow the Xtrail minicamp. No own registration is required and driving license B is sufficient.


The Xtrail minicamp Plus.

The plus version is the braked version of the Xtrail minicamp.

In addition, fitted as standard with a spare wheel, which is mounted under the bottom.


What does your ideal mini camp look like?

The Xtrail minicamp is ready for use as a multifunctional sleep trailer.

In addition, numerous accessories are available to tailor it to your use.

In the show model you will find some possible applications.

If you want more living space or a sheltered outdoor cooking space, choose an extension tent or awning.

We are happy to help you realize your ideas.


Standard car ready for delivery on websites is unbraked or braked (the Xtrail Plus with overrun brake and

automatic reverse gear-) each with:


the roadworthy delivery from Arcen.


an outdoor lamp above the rear door access door.


a skylight.


two folding windows chosen with color with combi-shutters.


a euro transfer cord.


swivel supports: weighted version. 2x.


support coaster: 2 x.


a spirit level.


a spare wheel with holder mounted under the car.


a camping cable with 30 mtr. length.


an anti-theft cover with discus padlock.


swing-out crank / crank.


wheel covers on the rims.


a delivery service ..


a license plate in holder.


a two person mattress of 200x125cm.



When looking at the photos at the top, these are just ideas, but it can be made with many types of (rear) tent constructions at everyone's request, if you personally consider this desirable. So also to make it a family car. This by purchasing quickly erected or inflatable construction tents, which we can then have adapted for you. A so-called tent on tent coupling connection.


Technical information:

Empty weight: approximately 350kg; maximum 750kg.

Internal dimensions LxWxH 250x125x140.


Prices and warranty with the standard version from Arcen.

Xtrail minicamp Plus: €. 13.824,00


Prices include 21% VAT, ex Arcen, without additional costs.

Including CE Certificate.

Provided with a 2 year full manufacturer's warranty.

Delivery time 3-6 weeks.