corner kitchen behind

rear bench with sleeping place

seating group in front and sleeping place

interior available in two color combinations


Standard version:


combi rollo's front and rear window

spare wheel + holder

20M camping cable


euro adapter cord

base plates for swivel supports

spirit level

2x hubcap


inverter (220 / 230V to 12V) with earth leakage protection

preparation costs included

EC Certificate Conformity (admission document for EU)

2x shock absorber mounted under car

built-in awning lamp right side car

polyester cover over drawbar

Dometic Midi Heki Roof hatch

Accessories, options and color combinations:

Technical data / version of the vehicle, as well as accessories list and calculation form available


via email



year of construction: 2022

number of berths: 3

unladen weight (Netherlands / other): 610 Kg / 610 Kg

load capacity (Netherlands / other): 140 Kg / 240 Kg

total weight (Netherlands / other): 750 Kg / 850 Kg

length (interior / exterior): 305 cm / 450 cm

width (interior / exterior): 195 cm / 205 cm

height (interior / exterior): 181 cm / 255 cm

bed sizes: 195 cm / 130 cm + 177 cm / 84 cm


Price: € 13.076,00