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As of January 23, 2014, Willem Hoogewerf / HGA camper van center in Arcen has been appointed as Importer - for the entire BENELUX - of new Niewiadow Caravans, Horse trailers and Market sales vehicles or Catering trailers, and also for all other Trailer and Luggage vehicles, which the Niewiadow Factory Niewiadow / Poland- makes!


Do you specifically have a specific type of car in mind or in mind that you would like to purchase, but please contact us and request it digitally (with an email) from us?


The factory warranty that is given on cars is two full years.


At the moment we are - at least already - 'the cheapest in the whole EU with the sale of Niewiadow Caravans'!


The interior of the caravans, including the upholstery, are available in several variants


Also inquire about this?


* For parts and accessories


For parts and accessories of the former Predom caravans, now Niewiadow caravans, as well as for all other cars that Niewiadow makes in Poland, you can also contact us!


The best thing you can do is send us the year of construction, chassis number and type of the car by email, together with photos you have taken of the parts, which you would then like to see supplied by us?


The delivery of new cars, which are taken into production in Niewiadow in Poland - this after purchase with an order confirmation from us - takes approximately two months!


A visit to our company for Niewiadow caravans or all other cars that can be ordered must, however, precede the first having made an appointment by telephone or email message.


Then we can take time specifically for you!


We hope to have duly informed you well and carefully and will await your emerging questions in this, with consideration and regards,