Dear client,


In case you want to buy a new Niewiadow Caravan and want to see a mover - a semi or fully automatic - installed under your car, we can and want to message you and also

recommend or advise "that if you still want or want to have this carried out by a very professional and specified company (later than the day of purchase or order confirmation from us)" this is the

Best done by Zeil en Wiel Caravanstalling, Repair and Maintenance company, located at Noordweg 76, 4353 AZ in Seerooskerke (W)!

Every company has its specialist and one mover substructure for a caravan is not the other!

From the photos that we can include, you can see the "high substructure" of a mover - namely with two type Niewiadow Caravans / Wagons - where this is already very professionally executed.

By supplying the company below and its company details, you can therefore contact us yourself - completely without obligation - and make an appointment.

This with Mr. Jan Hendrik Bruins -of the aforementioned company in Seerooskerke- and/or one of the aforementioned company working there?

In the confidence to be of service to you with an already made purchase of a new or used Predom-Niewiadow caravan, I sign with kind regards and greetings,

W.F.G.A.Hoogewerf. ( Willem ) Importer from and for the BENELUX of Predom-Niewiadow and Xtrail caravans

Jan Hendrik Bruins

North road 76

4353 AZ Serooskerke (W)

Mobile: 0031 (0)6 53 15 90 07